We work with vendors in many ways, most of which cost nothing:

  1. Profile your clients in our series of tech stack breakdowns. We think that sharing best practices is helpful to everyone in our industry.
  2. Contribute suggestions/content to any of our existing research. We are always working to improve our understanding of the industry. Almost all of our research is republishable under a Creative Commons license with attribution and linkback.
  3. Co-organize conferences and other large-scale events (full list here). We have helped market and recruit speakers & attendees for existing events (e.g., Eagle Alpha Alternative Data Conference, DC Finance Family Office Community, With Intelligence Private Markets Summit. We have also organized events ourselves (e.g., How Private Investors Are Using Technology to Accelerate Returns; How Private Investors Accelerate Portfolio Value Creation; Private Markets Syndication Solutions).
  4. Co-organize curated roundtables (full list here). Sponsors have full control over who is included, and therefore room dynamics and cost. We have the flexibility to publish a transcript or video. For example, we partnered on these exclusive events:
    • Private dinner with Maestro’s CEO. We recruited 20 investment professionals for a demo and open discussion of how PE firms can use Maestro to support their portcos.
    • Cocktail reception with Juniper Square. We recruited 30 investment managers out of 75 attendees.
    • Private buy-side dinner with Top 10 bulge bracket global investment bank. We recruited the dean of a major business school as a guest speaker, plus 14 of the 24 attendees.
  5. Publish sponsored Deep Dives on your company, e.g.,, the operating system for non-bank lenders. We publicly analyze your strategy, strengths, and weaknesses, in a public investment memo. Typically we publish profiles of companies in which Versatile VC is an investor, but we’ll also profile companies in which we’re not (yet) an investor. 
  6. Collaborate to write new research on topics of mutual interest. See our past research.

We welcome creative ideas for collaboration. For more ideas, see our upcoming events and 14 Tips on How to Sell to Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds.