We work with the vendor community in four primary ways:

  1. Co-organize conferences and other large-scale events (full list here). For example, we sponsored the Eagle Alpha Alternative Data Conference and the Beryl Elites Alternative Investments & Innovations Conference.
  2. Co-organize curated roundtables (full list here). Sponsors have full control over who is included at events, and therefore the room dynamics and cost. We have the flexibility to publish a transcript or video. Some sample past events:
    • Private dinner with Maestro’s CEO. We recruited 20 investment professionals for a demonstration and frank discussion of Maestro’s technology.
    • Cocktail reception with Juniper Square. We recruited 59 registrants, of which the vendor verified 28 were potential clients. 30 of those clients attended the event (including a few guests), out of a total of 75 attendees.
  3. Collaborate to write new research on topics of mutual interest. See our past research.
  4. Contribute suggestions/content to any of our existing research. There is no cost to you when we incorporate your counsel, since we always are looking to improve our understanding of the industry. Almost all of our research is republishable under a Creative Commons license with attribution and linkback.

We welcome creative ideas for collaboration. For more ideas, see our upcoming events.