Check out MiniVC, a free AI-driven VC in a box, which leverages our 20+ years publishing books and research on investing and other topics. This requires a subscription to ChatGPT Plus.

Some questions you can ask:


  • How can investors in the private markets generate alpha by using AI, analytics, and technology?
  • How should family offices invest in tech companies?
  • How do you identify high-potential emerging VC managers?
  • How I can accelerate the success of my portfolio companies?
  • How can I originate proprietary investments?
  • Who is disrupting the investment management industry, and how?
  • How do I accelerate my investing career?
  • Write a venture capital investment memo for this company: [URL] and [upload pitch deck].
  • Please give me feedback on my pitch deck and website for my [fund].


  • How can tech founders in transition figure out what to do next?
  • How do I brainstorm and validate startup ideas?
  • How do I win consulting, board, scout, operating, and investment roles with private equity/VC funds?
  • Please give me feedback on my pitch deck and website.