Investor Advisory

We work with institutional investors in many ways.

  1. Share your technology and analytic interests in our tech stack series. This helps you surface relevant vendors and speeds limited partner due diligence. There is no cost.
  2. Advise on strategy regarding technology, capital-raising, platform Acceleration. Built out a scaleable platform to help your portfolio companies: strategy consulting, preferred service providers recommendations, engineering support, PR/communications guidance, recruiting, mentor network, etc.
  3. Idea formation. We have developed a standard process for identifying market white space and new business ideas.
  4. Build community. I founded HBS Alumni Angels of NY, an online+offline community which is now the biggest angel network on the East Coast. I founded Circle of Experts, an expert network which I sold to Evalueserve.   Lastly, while at HOF Capital, we created an informal community of next-gen scions from large family offices.
  5. Launch / build out an executive network. The closest model is Goldman Sachs’ Special Situations Group Chambers Street Executive Network, which I helped build. These are senior executives who can be tapped as board members, interim execs, etc., for GS portfolio companies. These Experts do not need to be paid any fixed amount, but are only  compensated by the investor and/or Portco when or if both parties reach an agreement on the nature of services. See for an overview of how PE funds can work with outside human capital.

We welcome creative ideas for collaboration.