INSEAD Panel Event: Angel Investing 101, NY

INSEAD is holding an angel investing panel on November 4, 2013. I hope you can join us (in NY).  Panelists are:

  • Alain Bankier, active member of New York Angels and former CEO of Manichewitz
  • David Teten, Partner, ff Venture Capital, and Founder and Chair of the Harvard Business Angels of Greater New York
  • Vince Scafaria, a serial entrepreneur, Co-Founder and CEO of DotAlign and previously DealMaven
  • Nick Taranto, Co-Founder of
  • Moderator: Patrick Abouchalache, investor and Head of Americas, Palico

The event will take place in the offices of Morrison Cohen LLP, 909 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022.

(INSEAD logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia))