Flashpoint NYC Demo Day 2016, May 3

I hope you’ll join me next week at Flashpoint NYC’s Demo Day 2016. The Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), ff Venture Capital, the HBS Alumni Angels of New York, and Alpha Venture Partners, are co-sponsoring their 6th New York City Demo Day, next Tuesday, May 3, 2016, from 10 to 12 AM. The event will be held at SUNY Global Center, 116 East 55th Street, New York, NY.

Flashpoint is a startup accelerator at Georgia Tech.  Since 2011, companies that originated at Flashpoint have raised more than $300 million and grown to a combined valuation of nearly $1 billion.  I first met Ionic Security at their first Demo Day, which ffVC invested in.  Ionic has since raised over $77m from investors such as Google Ventures, Icon Ventures, KPCB, Meritech Capital Partners, and TechOperators.  At Demo Day, you will meet the new batch of companies and hear from Dr. Merrick Furst, who will discuss applying the science of behavioral economics to startups. ffVC and HBSAANY have co-sponsored every NYC Demo Day of Flashpoint since launch.

RSVP here.  You can find additional details about the event here.


Companies Presenting


Acivilate offers a confidential information-sharing platform for criminal justice.

Community On Call

Community On Call provides peer networking solutions that enable health-related communities to quickly connect their members, such as people affected by chronic illnesses or disorders, with mentors and peer supporters.

Gramarye Media

Gramarye Media uses a proprietary technology platform to vet, incubate and develop the next great story franchises.


Melii has assembled a team of experienced bank executives to attack the problem of speeding up originations of business loans so that banks can compete more effectively with online lenders.


US truckers spend over $140 million daily in unloading fees at delivery warehouses using an antiquated method of payment (cash/check). MyLumper has gone beyond these outdated transaction options by offering the trucking industry an innovative, electronic direct payment platform that eliminates fraud.

Package Solutions

Residential buildings are inundated with packages that block lobbies, eat up staff time, and frustrate tenants. Package Solutions has worked with leading REITs to develop a technology-enhanced solution for mass adoption.


SalesTing = sales-obsessed marketing. Enterprise marketers invest significant resources into creating assets for use by their sales teams but are unable to see what works or not. SalesTing enables marketers to see what’s working and show impact on sales.


Sideqik’s end-to-end influencer marketing platform automates the process of identifying the best influencers for brands and distributing campaigns that empower influencers to drive conversions.


As companies take on the challenge of creating a workforce that reflects the changing demographics in the U.S., Employee Resource Groups (ERGS) are key drivers. Ninety percent of Fortune 500 companies have ERGs and millions of employees are engaged in them. Yet these integral groups lack visibility. At stemmed.TM we provide technology for companies to highlight their diversity and inclusion- focused initiatives, ERGs and ERG leaders, which strengthens company branding and attracts top talent.


TimeSpiral extends corporate culture. Our tools and products will span the process of deep cultural assessment, recruitment of talent in the right roles, on-boarding, branding and leadership development. As Millennials and highly diverse team members expand the culture of an organization, TimeSpiral enables corporate leaders to position the organization for its most promising future.