Why and how do I join PEVCtech?

Sign up here. Cost is zero. Our members join to:

  • Meet our peers: family offices, private equity funds, and VCs focused on using technology and analytics to make better investments in private companies.
  • Share insights on technologies, data, and processes that generate alpha.
  • Ask questions and get referrals from our trusted community to make faster, better decisions for our organizations.

Who is behind PEVCtech?

David Teten, Founder of Versatile VC, and Danni Norwood, Founder, Ella J Designs.

How do I sponsor an event?

See our vendors page.

I’m an investment manager. Why should I get profiled in your Tech Stacks series?

  • Benchmark against your peers: learn from other comparable financial institutions’ decisions about use of technology.
  • Transparency to your clients.
  • Exposure to potential limited partners.
  • Learn about innovative tech companies which can help you exploit your opportunities.

I run a technology vendor which works with investment management firms. How do I get my clients featured in your Tech Stacks series?

We welcome introductions to any of your clients interested in publicly sharing their vendors.

Are you hiring?

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