SPV Fund Administration Vendor Reviews and Comparison

If you’re managing an SPV, which fund administration vendors should you use? 

Landon Ainge gave us permission to publish his detailed evaluation of the SPV support landscape, including AngelList, Vauban, Allocations, Savvi Legal, Venture360, Finally, Sydecar, Canopy, Flow (I’m an investor via HOF Capital), Syndicately, Two12, SPV Hub, Formidium, Odin, PropelX, AM Advisors, Qualitas Fund Admin, Nth Round, SmartFunds, Loon Creek, Verivend, HC Global (my fund admin), Dealum, Specialsituations, and Sisu. He knows this space intimately, as Managing Director of Aingel Investments, one of the fastest growing angel networks. They have completed over 75 SPVs in the last 2.5 years. Landon also manages the debt advisory company Initiator.co, helping companies navigate which type of loan companies should utilize for free. 

Landon’s comparison spreadsheet is here. He also hosted a webinar with more details, which you can see below:

Further reading:

See Jed Ng of AngelSchool.vc’s Guidance on migrating from Assure.

Interview: VC Funds, Limited Partners, and How They Use Technology

Real Vision just posted an interview with Kevin MONSERRAT and David Teten on the use of technology for limited partners, venture capitalists, and founders:

PEVCTech Update

We’ve been dormant during the COVID era, but are now restarting activities. If you have suggestions for events we could partner on with you, please contact us.

I’ve posted recently two videos focused on how private equity and VC investors are using technology to improve returns (or suffering the consequences of not doing so):
How Private Equity and VC Investors Accelerate Portfolio Company Success
Asset Managers, Prepare to Have Your Lunch Eaten 

Especially during the COVID era, the main way to meet people was online. I wrote about How to Find the Right Online Communities.

We posted an updated version of our white paper on VCs Eating our Own Dog Food: Using technology to make better investments.  I also dove deep into An Investor’s Personal Social Media Tech Stack.

Lastly, our friends at AltVia run a podcast and are seeking guests with expertise on how PE/VC investors are using technology. Contact growth(@)altvia.com .