High-Impact Opportunity for Emerging VCs!

Coolwater Capital

We are reviewing applicants now for the next Coolwater Capital cohort of emerging VCs. Apply ASAP to build the next great VC fund.

We accelerate VC funds to help them build the next great VC powerhouse. We have backed 226 VC funds, which have raised $2B+. Via our portfolio GPs, we are invested in and track 5,000+ companies. 

Our “Build” program is an 8-week comprehensive proprietary institutional training course, with topics ranging from fund strategy formation & narrative, fund set up & management, to fundraising and scaling.  Our faculty include 300+ external domain experts and 280+ LPs.  

Top 5 Reasons to join the Coolwater program: 

  • We help you raise capital, and selectively invest in our highest-potential funds. We run 200+ Coolwater events yearly, including 25+ in-person events including 2 large annual Demo Day summits. We invite our proprietary database of 3,000+ active allocators to meet our emerging VCs, including billion-dollar family offices, endowments, pension funds, C-suite executives of Fortune 100 companies, HNWs, celebrities, exited founders, and more.
  • We have a Net Promoter Score of 83. We hope you’ll contact any Coolwater alums and ask them why they say they have Learnt more in 3 months in Coolwater than 20 years in AVC .
  • We welcome diverse managers. Coolwater strictly optimizes for financial returns. That said, in our cohorts to date, 25% of GPs have 1 or more female Partners, and 42% have 1 or more Partner who is an underrepresented minority or person of color. Coolwater is backing many diverse and impact managers because we’re looking for the opportunities to earn the highest returns, and many happen to come from diverse populations.
  • We have a history of working with small VCs who become institutional, including such rising stars in VC as at.inc/, Burnt Island Ventures, Cortical Ventures, Deciens Capital, Hannah Grey, Planeteer Capital, Preface Ventures, and Stellation Capital. 
  • Coolwater itself is backed by industry leaders, including the founder of a $100B+ private equity group; a top-performing hedge fund manager; the co-founder of one of the biggest accelerators; and 20 other founders of private equity investment firms and technology companies. 

Apply for the Coolwater VC accelerator. 

6/4, NYC: Family Wealth Report Family Office Cybersecurity & AI Summit 2024

We’ll be discussing best practice uses of Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence (AI) by family offices and wealth managers at the June 4 Family Wealth Report Family Office Cybersecurity & AI Summit. Among the topics we’ll discuss:

Archimedes’ Lever — AI and The Age of Infinite Leverage

The Intersection of Cyber Security and Physical Security

Hacking People – Cybersecurity, Reputations, and AI

Human Vulnerabilities: (Not so) Deep Dive into Social Engineering Attacks

Unleashing the power of AI: Navigating the benefits, challenges, cyber and privacy risks

A Privacy Plan for Your Family OfficeWhy AI Will Not Eliminate The Traditional Advisor

The AI Revolution – AI as a Game Changer for Family Offices

What can we learn from highly mature cybersecurity programs?

From Risk to Resilience: Strategies for Cybersecurity in Family Offices


5/23, NYC: Global Family Office Governance and Technology Summit

I hope you’ll join us 5/23 in NYC at the Global Family Office Governance and Technology Summit. 


Speakers include:  Linda Isabel Rincón, Director of Experiences, The ImPact; David Friedman, Partner, Forbes Banister International; Tara Thompson Popernik, CFA, CFP, Senior National Director and Head of Ultra High Net Worth Strategy, Bernstein Private Wealth Management; George Burciaga, Managing Partner, The U.S. Roundtable and Elevate Cities; Christopher Hetner, Former SEC Chair Senior Cybersecurity Advisor; David Livingstone, Managing Director, Barclays; David Teten, Venture Partner, Coolwater Capital; Kevin J. Ernst, CIO, Canadian Family Office; Marco Antonio Soriano Von Hemmersdorff IV, CEO, Soriano Group and Family Office; Abe Minkara, Founding Partner, Legacy Knight Multi-Family Office and Board Member, Springboard Enterprises; LaMar Wright, Director of Partnerships, McBride Family Office; Margaret Butler, Partner and Co-leader of Financial Services Team, BakerHostetler.


5/22, NYC: AI x Wall Street Night

​This is an exclusive event for finance professionals who want to stay ahead of the curve.

Experience Hands-On Innovation: Discover how traditional Wall Street firms are adapting to technological transformations with cutting-edge applications. This event goes beyond traditional panel discussions, focusing on real-time demonstrations of what’s achievable today with AI in finance:

  • The first AI-Powered Financial Terminal: Watch how efficient analysts can perform research in 2024 using generative AI
  • The platform to use AI from enterprise data: Understand how financial institutions can build AI workflows on top of their proprietary datasets



5/10, NYC: AccessAlts Institutional Investor Conference

Please join me in welcoming 50 influential family offices, strategics and institutional investors, to the Access Alts Meet on Friday, May 10 at 601 Lexington Ave. Pre-Meet drinks at the same Venue on Thursday, 9th May, from 4 – 6 pm . This is one of the most tightly curated investment conferences.

Register Today

Keynote speakers include:

  • Ajit Singh, Chief Investment Officer of Houston Firefighters’ Relief and Retirement Fund ($5b AUM), a pioneer in Asia Investing who is introducing family office-style nimble portfolio management at a pension
  • David Back, the co-founder of Zoomcar (Nasdaq IPO), who built India’s first self-driving car rental company
  • Derek Bills, CIO of IMF Pension
  • Jun Tsusaka, the force behind Japanese investment firm NSSK, who is rewriting family business exits in Japan. The NSSK Group currently has sales of approximately JPY300 billion and more than 20,000 employees.
  • Drew Perkins, serial Silicon Valley entrepreneur (previous exits as founder via IPO and sales to Qwest Communications & Ciena), launching his new AI semiconductor ventures Eridu Corporation

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Check out the current NYC Program & Participants List Here

About Access Alts Asia

Access Alts Asia is an Asia-centric investment club with over 350 members and friends globally, channelizing smart capital into transformational ideas. The club invests via Pre-IPOs, direct deals, co-invests, hedge funds, VC funds and Private Equity funds. Members include some of the largest family offices, institutional investors and strategic investors.

Annual Membership: USD30,000. Qualified members who have never attended before can attend 1 event at no charge.

5/9, NYC: Worth Groundbreaking Women Summit 2024

Explore the intersection of wealth, leadership, and impact at the Groundbreaking Women Summit 2024 in NYC on May 9, 2024, at SAP New York, 10 Hudson Yards 51st Floor, Manhattan, NY 10001. Join industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and change-makers for a dynamic day of empowering conversations designed to accelerate equity in business and leadership. Confirmed speakers include:

  • Rachel Slaybaugh, Partner, DCVC
  • Natalya Leahy, President, Seabourn
  • Jennifer Weiss-Wolf, Executive Director, Birnbaum Women’s Leadership Center at NYU Law
  • Kenna Baudin, Partner, Head of Private Equity, Egon Zehnder


To nominate a speaker, fill out this form.

The Groundbreaking Women Summit’s agenda is still being finalized, but the topics discussed will include:

  • Decoding Wall Street: Women-Led Funds Disrupting the Status Quo
  • Angel Investing with Impact: Funding Female-Founded Ventures
  • Beyond the Pink Tax: Strategies for Women to Take Charge of Their Wealth
  • Investing in the Next Generation: Family Funds and Legacy Planning
  • The Art of the Pivot: Reinventing Your Career on Your Terms
  • The Power of Mentorship 
  • Unleashing Your Inner Negotiator: Winning Strategies for the Boardroom and Beyond
  • AI + Women: Harnessing Technology to Reshape Industries
  • Disrupting Healthcare: Innovations that improve Women’s Health
  • The Future of Sustainability: Driving Green Solutions
  • The Currency of Connection: How Female Connection Fuels Business Success 
  • Travel With Purpose: Transforming Travel Through Ethical and Mindful Experiences
  • Modern Philanthropy: Investing in Women-Led Initiatives
  • Timeless Investment: Building Enduring Legacies
  • Beyond the Vines: Women Who Are Transforming the World of Wine

May 6, NYC: How Investors and Lenders to Private Companies are Using AI & Analytics as a Competitive Weapon

Join us in midtown Manhattan May 6, 6pm, for a discussion of best practices in How Investors and Lenders to Private Companies are Using AI & Analytics . Our host is Silley Circuits. You can see a preview of the evening’s slides here.


We have arranged a midtown venue, but it may not be large enough. If you’re interested in hosting the event and can accommodate 50+ investors and technologists, contact us ASAP.

Investors in private companies are copying our sisters in the hedge fund world: we are trying to automate more of our job, using AI and analytics for origination, due diligence, deal execution, value creation, exits, etc. While this has a positive impact on investment results, this also affects the hiring and career paths of professionals at PE and VC firms. 

Our presenter: David Teten is Venture Partner with Coolwater Capital, known as “Y Combinator for emerging VCs”. Coolwater runs an accelerator for emerging VC fund managers and invests as a limited partner, into general partnerships, in fund management companies, and also directly into startups. He is Founder of Versatile VC, backing early-stage “investment tech” companies which help investors generate alpha and succeed. He is Chair of PEVCTech, a community of investors in private companies using technology and analytics to generate alpha. He was previously a Managing Partner with HOF Capital; Partner with ff Venture Capital; and Founder of Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of NY. He writes periodically at teten.com.

May 5-8: Virtual Data-Driven VC Summit 2024

25+ Speakers from BlackRock, EQT, Index, ICONIQ, Lightspeed, Stanford & More

Data Driven VC Summit 2024


Check out the final speaker lineup for the virtual Data-Driven VC Summit 2024 on May 5-8. This includes many of the thought leaders at the intersection of data-driven innovation and AI in VC, hailing from top organizations like BLACKROCK, EQT, INDEX, ICONIQ, LIGHTSPEED, STANFORD, and more.This is the first event of its kind and it’s accessible virtually from everywhere.

May 1, NYC: Restart Israel Economy Conference

I hope you can join me and many distinguished speakers on May 1 at the invitation-only Restart Israel Economy conference in NYC, featuring leaders from Israel’s government, economy, and private sector. The speaker list includes:
– Larry Silverstein, Founder, Silverstein Properties
Amir Yaron, Governor of the Bank of Israel
Chemi Peres , legendary Israeli VC
– Isaac Herzog, President of the State of Israel
and many other distinguished guests. This is a highly curated event.


4/18, NYC: Family Wealth Report Family Office Fintech Forum

The Family Office Fintech Forum 2024 is part of the Family Wealth Report’s  family office events series.  We’ll discuss how to adopt and invest in technology by multi and single-family offices.

Among our speakers are leaders from the Fingerboard Family Office and Deviate Consulting and TOS (consultants with expertise in how family offices use technology and analytics).

RSVP (mention you’re a guest of PEVCtech)