4/11, Virtual Webinar: Landing Board Seats

When: April 11, 2023, 10:00 AM, EDT

Even for accomplished CEOs, it is difficult to land the first board seat. Evaluating the right board seats can be even more challenging.

As an active CEO, when should I begin laying the groundwork for board service? How do I target and land the right seat or multiple seats? How do I determine which ones are best for me? What is the key to quickly becoming a positive, contributing board member? Are there issues with trading or jettisoning seats down the road? And why are some qualified execs eschewing boards altogether?

This panel discussion will help us understand the unwritten ground rules of navigating the board search and illuminate a path for choosing the right board placements for ourselves, our priorities, and our companies. You’ll be exposed to the considerable resources available in the CEO Trust, and what you and your peers can do to accelerate the path to board positions.


(Normally $20; get a 25% discount with code: FS4DGB2H)

MODERATOR:  Theresa Boyce, Chairman & CEO, CEO Trust

Theresa builds connections and opportunities for CEOs while drawing from multi-disciplined, multi-industry business experience. She began her career as a CPA for KPMG, earned a Wharton MBA, and obtained marketing and sales training in Procter & Gamble brand management. Theresa has a history of successfully launching high growth in a spectrum of companies, from entrepreneurial ventures to multi-billion-dollar corporations. She has been involved in every distribution/marketing channel and trained in most channels from premier companies in related industries. She serves as a director on for-profit boards with expertise in audit, finance, compensation, and governance.Theresa is known for creating fiduciary and advisory boards, with a track record of placing hundreds of board directors. Under her leadership, the CEO Trust has orchestrated thousands of CEO events and activities.