6/4, NYC: Family Wealth Report Family Office Cybersecurity & AI Summit 2024

We’ll be discussing best practice uses of Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence (AI) by family offices and wealth managers at the June 4 Family Wealth Report Family Office Cybersecurity & AI Summit. Among the topics we’ll discuss:

Archimedes’ Lever — AI and The Age of Infinite Leverage

The Intersection of Cyber Security and Physical Security

Hacking People – Cybersecurity, Reputations, and AI

Human Vulnerabilities: (Not so) Deep Dive into Social Engineering Attacks

Unleashing the power of AI: Navigating the benefits, challenges, cyber and privacy risks

A Privacy Plan for Your Family OfficeWhy AI Will Not Eliminate The Traditional Advisor

The AI Revolution – AI as a Game Changer for Family Offices

What can we learn from highly mature cybersecurity programs?

From Risk to Resilience: Strategies for Cybersecurity in Family Offices