6/20, NYC: Cybersecurity Briefing for Family Offices


Single and multi-Family offices are unique entities with distinct cybersecurity needs and problems. They face numerous issues, from complying with legal obligations and having the right technical tools to protect the business, to physically protecting the family and hiring trustworthy third parties.

In addition, there has been a tsunami of new and broad cybersecurity and privacy regulation in both the US and around the world, which have started to impact family offices in new ways. This shift requires a more professional approach to cybersecurity. This, combined with the growing array of cyber and physical threats, particularly targeting affluent individuals, makes all forms of security a top priority. 

We have gathered a team of experts who will address the following questions in our 90 min briefing:  

  • What are the key regulatory issues affecting family offices, and how can I ensure compliance?
  • What are the cyber and physical security basics to secure the office and the family? 
  • What are the components of a comprehensive security framework that addresses the administrative, technical, and physical security concerns?
  • What are best practices for setting up or updating technical security controls for the family office?