May 6, NYC: How Investors and Lenders to Private Companies are Using AI & Analytics as a Competitive Weapon

Join us in midtown Manhattan May 6, 6pm, for a discussion of best practices in How Investors and Lenders to Private Companies are Using AI & Analytics . Our host is Silley Circuits. You can see a preview of the evening’s slides here.


We have arranged a midtown venue, but it may not be large enough. If you’re interested in hosting the event and can accommodate 50+ investors and technologists, contact us ASAP.

Investors in private companies are copying our sisters in the hedge fund world: we are trying to automate more of our job, using AI and analytics for origination, due diligence, deal execution, value creation, exits, etc. While this has a positive impact on investment results, this also affects the hiring and career paths of professionals at PE and VC firms. 

Our presenter: David Teten is Venture Partner with Coolwater Capital, known as “Y Combinator for emerging VCs”. Coolwater runs an accelerator for emerging VC fund managers and invests as a limited partner, into general partnerships, in fund management companies, and also directly into startups. He is Founder of Versatile VC, backing early-stage “investment tech” companies which help investors generate alpha and succeed. He is Chair of PEVCTech, a community of investors in private companies using technology and analytics to generate alpha. He was previously a Managing Partner with HOF Capital; Partner with ff Venture Capital; and Founder of Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of NY. He writes periodically at