4/3, noon EST, virtual: “Managing Your Board and Investors”

Join us for a special Entrepreneur Cooperative event, “Managing Your Board and Investors with David Teten,” hosted by Founder Org. Our special presenter, David Teten, will share invaluable insights on effectively managing your company’s board and investors. Learn how to build a strong board, understand the value it brings, and run board meetings efficiently.

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Speaker Bio: David Teten is Venture Partner with Coolwater Capital, known as “Y Combinator for emerging VCs”. Coolwater runs an accelerator for emerging VC fund managers and invests as a limited partner, into general partnerships, in fund management companies, and also directly into startups. He is Founder of Versatile VC, backing early-stage “investment tech” companies which help investors generate alpha and succeed. He is Chair of PEVCTech, a community of investors in private companies using technology and analytics to generate alpha. He was previously a Managing Partner with HOF Capital; Partner with ff Venture Capital; and Founder of Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of NY. He writes periodically at teten.com.