3 Free Books on Scaling + $2,000 credit for your portfolio companies via Bolster

The team at Bolster just released a new book, Startup Boards: A Field Guide to Building and Leading an Effective Board of Directors, to complete their trio of books around scaling–previously “Startup CEO” and “Startup CXO”. You can get free copies of all three books and get access to a $2,000 credit for your portfolio companies to use in Bolster by signing up for a free partner account here.

For reference, Bolster helps companies scale their CEOs, executive teams, and boards with an executive talent marketplace, upskilled mentorship (Bolster Prime), and venture capital (Bolster Ventures). They’ve built tools specifically for investors to find exec talent, collaborate with their portfolio on key exec and board searches, and manage their network of executive talent – all at no cost to investors. Reach out directly to micah.mador@bolster.com with questions or to learn more.

For more on how investors can tap executive talent, see How to Win Consulting, Scout, Board, Operating, and Investment Roles with Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds. Our first portfolio company at Versatile VC is Xperiti, which provides direct access to industry experts and expert interview transcripts with super-fast turnaround time, typically 2 business hours. They leverage web-scraping, NLP, and conversational AI. Xperiti has quickly won enterprise clients such as Nomura. Contact sales(@)xperiti.com and mention Versatile VC to get a complimentary trial consultation with an expert (Qualified clients only.)