3/6, 1pm ET: Webinar: Legacy, inheritance and intergenerational family issues

We invite you to join us in a 10 East webinar discussion on the complexities of wealth, legacy, and family dynamics.

Join us on March 6th for a discussion with Morgan Housel, the New York Times Bestselling author of The Psychology of Money and Same As Ever, as we delve into legacy, inheritance and intergenerational family issues. Morgan will touch on his research into the psychological journey of wealth and its spillover effects on legacy and family. The event will be moderated by Brian Portnoy, Ph.D., CFA, the founder of Shaping Wealth, author of The Geometry of Wealth, and an expert in behavioral finance.

Morgan and Brian will discuss:

  • The role of legacy and inheritance in shaping our financial and personal goals
  • How family dynamics play into the management and perception of wealth
  • Common pitfalls related to intergenerational wealth transfer and estate planning

This session is intended to be an exploration of the seldom-discussed aspects of wealth, such as the emotional and psychological implications of financial abundance. We invite attendees to reflect on how wealth impacts our personal lives and those of our loved ones, and how to navigate the complexities of family issues related to wealth management and succession planning.

Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with Morgan and Brian in a Q&A session following the discussion.

Reserve your spot today and join us in shaping a thoughtful approach to wealth and legacy.