2/28, 11am ET (virtual): How Cutting-Edge VCs Are Using Data: Tools, Strategies & Impact

​Hot off the back of our previous event, which went deep into sourcing, we’d like to explore some of the other parts of Data & AI in VC, and try to answer some of the myriad of excellent questions that came up. ​Join us for an online panel discussion that will delve further into the power of data and AI in the venture capital landscape.

The Panel

​​Moderator: Francesco Perticarari, GP at Silicon Roundabout Ventures


We’ll be covering:

  • Level Setting – How are the panel using data to improve returns? Which data sources are being used?
  • Data for Fundraising – Whats the feedback from LPs on a tech driven approach? Is it a string leverage to attract LPs?
  • Data-Driven Strategies and Tools in VC Firms – Should you build in house, use off the shelf tools, or a combination? Our panel will also share some of their favourite tools.
  • Market Evolution, VC Differentiation – How will this evolve the market? And how will VCs differentiate themselves, in a potential world filled with ‘quant’ VCs? The shifting perception of Data Driven VC.
  • Future Strategies – Are strategies, tools and tips shared? Will automation result in a convergence of valuations?
  • Forecasting and Prediction, Evaluating Success – Why it’s hard to forecast success
  • Supporting Portfolio Companies – How can this approach be leveraged when supporting portfolio companies?