1/30, Chicago: LP/GP Dinner

Winter Mead, Founder & CEO of Coolwater Capital; James Murphy, General Partner and Mike Cardamone, CEO and Managing Partner of Forum Ventures; invite you to a private dinner in Chicago for LPs actively investing in emerging managers.

Coolwater Capital runs an accelerator for emerging VC fund managers and invests into this early-stage science and technology ecosystem. We have incubated and helped launch >200 funds which have collectively raised >$2b. We are the highest rated accelerator for VC fund managers (NPS score of 83). We are indirectly the largest tech accelerator in the world.

​​Forum Ventures is a B2B focused pre-seed fund, accelerator and venture studio based in NYC and Toronto. Founded in 2014, they have invested in 400+ companies across their three strategies and have built one of the largest B2B SaaS communities in the world.

RSVP: https://lu.ma/4pj469g5